Emgerging Technologies in Education

The first emerging technology that I would like to share is “cloud computing” this technology is a “web-based tools that allows instructors and students to collaborate online” (Edudemic, 2012). Within a previous class, I have experience a small view of cloud computing while working in a group. Our group used Google docs to share individual contributions and have group chats to discuss the assignments. Within this setting, we were able to interact a bit more verses just the normal posting to discussion boards. I first learned about Google docs from my daughter as her personal finance class using this resource for group projects. I selected cloud computing because the features are very helpful in building engagement, interaction, and learning how to work together in a virtual environment. I can introduce this technology within a course that I teach to help learners collaborate on assignments and or come together to work in a small study group to get that additional help they may need. Cloud computing also allows students to create a small community if they wanted to outside of the classroom that can aid in the engagement

The second emerging technology would be “mobile applications” that you can use on your smartphone, ipad, and ereader (Edudemic, 2012). Mobile applications allow students to have access to their class via mobile Blackboard. Other resources that are helpful to students would be Evernote. With Evernote you “can store all resources research for an assignment or keep your documents all in one place for organization and or easy access when needed” (Evernote, 2013). I selected mobile applications as an emerging technology because students will not be restricted to where they can access their data or when they can access their classroom. Mobile applications allow students to have access at all times to their courses or resources needed to have success in their class. I would introduce using mobile applications as way to stay connected with your courses on the go and suggest organization tips that can be used on the go with mobile applications.


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4 responses

  1. Hi Jennifer – your blog post is very good and looks very professional! Have you used blogging before this class?

    I am interested in learning more about both types of technology that you discussed. I think mobile apps are a terrific way to keep access to learning as many of us are ‘on the go’ for so much of our day.

    As for cloud computing – you mentioned that when using this technology, you felt it allowed for more interaction than using discussion boards. Why is that, may I ask? Are there more features with this type of tool than what we have in class discussion boards?

    Again – great post and information!

    Carolyn H.

    1. Hello Carolyn,

      Thank you for the feedback on my blog and yes I have used blogs before, for a human resource course that I took here at Walden. Before that course, I only read blogs. From using Google documents in our prior class for the group assignments, I learned that this was a cloud computing resource. Within Google documents, the cloud-computing feature allows each group member to keep track of our progress on assignments. The meetings were fun because we could use our web cameras and view the course work all at the same time. We also could make changes to the documents while in the live chat session together. Those are just a few of the items that we were able to use while working in a group. There are other features with this cloud computing resource that I am still learning about for example there are Google circles. Google circles to me is like a Facebook page because you can post items there and your circle can comment and leave information on the page.


      1. Hi Jennifer – thanks for the information on cloud computing. The features that you discussed that your group used in the last class sound fun and very engaging! I also ‘see’ what you mean by how Google Circles is like a Facebook page with Friends. As I read more about these newer technologies, I often look for the similarities among the programs. This helps me from feeling more confused about the tools that are available for educational use 🙂

        Carolyn H.

  2. Carole Voitko Boughamer | Reply

    I agree that using mobile applications are exactly what most students want and it makes it easier than running home to a desk top. But there are areas where cells cannot be used. In parts of West Virginia, there just is no service. I am constantly forgetting my phone, it is just not an important part of my life. But for people younger than I am it is. Sometimes when having dinner with my daughter, I would just stop talking, because she was continually texting someone, but it does save time – no chitter chatter just straight to the point. I have gotten to the point that I only want to text, because I do not want my tone of voice to be heard, because people constantly mistake my tone.

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