Educational Technologies- Mobile Learning

Educational Technologies- Mobile Learning

Smart phones are everywhere you turn from the youngest of users to the oldest of users.  Smart phones have changed the way we see and use cell phones.  Two decades ago, I never would have thought I would use a smart phone to review discussion boards, check emails, and or grades.  Now, this is only a small view of what smart phones can do for the student.   Fast-forwarding to today the smart phone can go pass your wildest imagination for the classroom.

Smart phones and education have made a nice pairing for example Blackboard mobile is a popular app that can be used to check assignments, discussion board postings and so on.  Smart phones have the ability to give the learner access to school 24/7 whenever and wherever if this option is selected.  Smart phones take learning in a hold different direction for example every time you use your smart phone you are informally learning and this is a beautiful thing.  

With that, said educators can use this informal learning to take connected to their learners via “twitter for instance feedback” (Dunn, 2012).  “Students now have the ability to do research on a topic within the class” from the internet that is provided on their smart phones (Inside, 2012).  No more waiting to class is over to go to the library or making time to even go to the library.  

The first way that I would incorporate smart phones would be to encourage organizational skills and suggest applications that could be helpful to learners for example, the apps for the school and Evernote.  Second, I would incorporate smart phones to help learners share their information on an agreed social networking site such as Delicious to share information about the course.  My rationale behind selecting smart phones is simple almost everyone has one and the technology is user friendly.

Tablets and or iPads in education have made learning and completing assignments much easier verses not having these devices at all.  With tablets and ipads learners have the ability to take their work with them anywhere and download apps that can make their school lives easier.  I selected both of these devices because of their portability and the resources that these two devices can hold are unimaginable. “Tablets are especially suited for today’s fast-paced, modern learning environments and tablet versions of textbooks, with interactive and visual tools for teachers” (, 2013).  I would use either of these devices in the classroom for electronic library database use.  Secondly, using apps that can be download onto tablets or iPads to help with locating information on the physical campus by using one of the gps apps that are free and readily available.

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7 responses

  1. Jennifer,

    The iPad is an amazing mobile device that would be great for in class use. The possibilites are limitless when considering this device. There are so may apps can be accessed through the use of this machine for instance Blackboard and Twitter as you mentioned. I think that there must be some form of code and ethics discussed in order for them to be successful. As an educator, the thought of one of my learners’ being on Facebook while the class is on Brainpop is discouraging often times. But the reality of it is that some will not use them for the purpose intened in class. However, haviing them is more rewarding than not.

    1. I agree there will always be the student that will challenge the system and rules. Yes, having the right policy in place could perhaps discourage students from using the technology for personal entertainment.

  2. Jennifer, I agree that these things are amazing when it comes to technology in classes but what about thise who can’t afford them? There is a small part of the population who still have flip phones and have no desire to have smrt phones or tablets. How do we not isolate or discriminate against those who chose not to join the revolution?

    1. In regards to the students that can’t afford it perhaps this can be worked into the tuition. There will always be resistance when it comes to trying something new. As educators we can encourage learners and show them the benefits of the technology. But this goes to that old saying of you can lead a horse to water but you can not make them drink.

  3. I visit many high schools during the school year. I have found many of the schools have a cart of IPads that can be used by different teachers. I have often thought this would come in handy even at the college level. The students can use the device for class, then simply turn it in before they leave. The biggest downfall is the teacher is ultimately responsible for the devices. The high schools have the devices numbered and each student signs for the device he/she is using. I really wish my university would make these available. We have a large percentage of our students who cannot afford to purchase new technology. I feel students need to have the opportunity to explore technology. Their future marketability in their quest for a job will benefit from knowledge of mobile technology.

  4. I agree smartphones are everywhere and they are very useful to us in our everyday lives. They allow us to be connected all the time to our families and our learning environments. Tablets are also I great way to make learning more engaging. Tablets also motivate people to want to learn.

  5. The cost for the blackboard app according to is actually very minimal, probably less then most apps that you actually pay for. I researched and really liked blackboard for what it offers, very comprehensive. I am sure there could be a way to work it into tuition. I am actually going to download it tomorrow if possible and just play with it. I am not sure if we can access it with our class but I will be the first to let you know and God knows I could have used it last week as I was super, duper sick.

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