Distance Education Technology

Open education technology is not a new term to me; however I have never used this technology. I could remember about a year ago one of my students mentioned that they were taking courses from MIT. I thought if you are doing that why are you in this degree program right now. Of course I did not say this to the student. After looking into open education I found that I could possibly be interested in using one of these resources in the future.

Open Course Ware-OCW through Utah State University has a great program that is using open education technology. This format of “web based education is free and open, and does not provide university credit” (Ocw.usu.edu, 2008). There are a variety of courses to select from. Although, the student would not earn university credit the student can take away quality learning experiences from this type of learning environment.

Connexions Project allows for “authors, instructors, and learners to come together and share educational material and anyone may view or contribute” (Cnx.org, n.d.). Connexions project uses mobile technology so all participants can use the resource on the go anytime and anywhere.

I selected Open Course Ware and Connexions Projects because educators and students get to come together and share in the learning experience from two perspectives. First, the students that are unable to afford the cost of the university are able to take courses and still learn. Second, the educators get the opportunity to reach students they may not usually reach because of the student’s circumstances.

Each one of these resources I suggest to students in the classes that I teach as an opportunity to learn beyond my classroom. I would encourage students to review these resources for professional development opportunities and also if they are thinking of expanding their knowledge in particular field. The open education technology offers students and professionals the opportunity to learn without a price tag commitment. This does not mean the students or professionals will not get a degree. But it could mean students will be ready for rigorous course work in the future. Professionals possibly could be more prepared for required credentials in fields that require certifications, “professional development”, and continue education units (ceu) for their jobs (Perraton, 2010).

Connexions Project. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://cnx.org/aboutus/

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Perraton, H. (2010). Teacher education: The role of open and distance learning.

Retrieved from http://www.col.org/PublicationDocuments/pub_TeacherEd_Role_ODL.pdf


6 responses

  1. Jennifer – I agree open and distance learning gives students a chance to test out different fields of education and learn the rigorous skills necessary for completing tertiary courses. Janet

  2. The opportunity for communication with others is such a vital part of these programs and really enhances the learning process. I agree that looking into these programs could be beneficial for anyone wanting to prepare for more rigorous programs or to simply expand their knowledge base.

  3. Jennifer,
    I like what Open Course Ware has to offer, a mass variety of information and college course work, all free. While college credit may not be awarded, it gives learners preparing for college, an opportunity to experience that part of college life. It lets them know basically what is to come next. It could also help reduce the pressures associated with taking college courses.

  4. Jennifer,

    Open Course is an excellent open education technology for instructors. The information that it has to offer is extremely beneficial. I agree that the resources you provided allows its users to gain additional information outside the classroom and I envision myself using them in the near future.


  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I looked at the Open Course Ware – OCW while I was doing research for my blog this week. I agree with you that it looked like a great way to get open education without receiving college credits. There are so many options these days for open education and distance learning it really makes learning convenient and attainable for adults.

  6. While researching for information for this class I clicked on a link for one of the sites that took me to the connections website. I like how the resources are liked as if to, we may not offer the information your looking for but look here they have it. I believe that much more will get accomplished if we as educators work together and these help. Thank you for sharing.

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